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Floral Gift Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts for Giving Flowers

There are lots of reasons to send flowers to someone. Here is what you should know about proper flower giving manners for different occasions when you might send flowers.

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There are lots of reasons to send flowers to someone. But when you're picking out flowers to send, you have to remember each situation has its own floral gift etiquette. There are recommended dos and don'ts so your thoughtful flowers don't accidentally send the wrong message. The last thing you want is for your bouquet to offend someone.

Here's what you should know about proper flower giving manners for different occasions when you might send flowers.

Sympathy Flowers

Usually, flowers are sent to the funeral home so they can be displayed at a viewing or memorial service. Find out the plans for the service before sending anything - many people don't want a bunch of flowers at their house when they're already overwhelmed. The funeral home normally takes care of this and makes sure all gifts are received and displayed. But keep in mind, many families ask for donations to a charity instead of flowers - so find out if that's what they want and respect their wishes. Even if you think you're being thoughtful, nothing is ruder than ignoring what the family asked for. Also, most Christian groups display flowers at memorials, but plenty of religious and non-religious families do not. So pay attention and don't go against their faith.

Lastly, pick your blooms from your local florist in Lynchburg VA thoughtfully - flowers sent for sympathy are meant to celebrate the deceased's life, so choose something uplifting. White is traditional and lilies are a great choice.

Get Well Soon Flowers

It's natural to want to send a cheerful bouquet from a local Bedford flower shop to brighten someone's day when they're sick. When they can't leave the house, having colorful flowers nearby can be very comforting. However, hospitals often don't allow displays of flowers due to allergies, infection risk, etc. Always check the hospital's policy before bringing or sending any. It's usually safest to wait until they are home to send anything.

Romantic Flowers

It's hard to think of a better reason to send flowers than telling someone "I love you!" Whether it's for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just because, flowers say it perfectly. Red roses are classic for romance, but the best is their favorite flower - it shows you pay attention to little details. If they love rare blooms, sending those will be an incredible romantic gesture.

If sending flowers from any Monroe florist as a romantic gift, it's best to send them somewhere private like their home. Sending to work might cause unwanted attention or gossip. If you want a big public display, be sure your partner is okay with it first. If you've been together forever or it's public knowledge, work is slightly less problematic. But still, be sure they'd appreciate it.

Birthday or Holiday Flowers

If you want to send flowers for a birthday, new baby, or holiday like Halloween, Mother's Day, etc. - there's a lot to think about. First, be aware of the message - if they're just a friend, don't send red roses. And as mentioned, send them to their home, not work.

Whether it's a birthday, baby, or big holiday, pick something fitting from a nearby flower shop in Lynchburg VA. For birthdays, send their favorite blooms in their favorite colors - pink tulips, multi-colored daisies, whatever they love. For a new baby, send something cute in blue or pink for a boy or girl. To be safe, you could do gender-neutral green, yellow or orange.

Other holidays have more specific themes - use appropriate colors (red and green for Christmas) or arrange flowers to suggest the holiday (basket for Easter, cornucopia for Thanksgiving).

Work or Promotion Flowers

You may want to send a coworker flowers to congratulate a promotion, for Boss's Day, or to say thanks for help on a project. But this is the trickiest area for manners. Be very cautious about what you send to avoid any perception of romance or favoritism. It's probably best to send fruit or a plant rather than a bouquet.

Surprise them for a birthday, congratulate newlyweds, and wish your faraway mom well - we'll ensure your gift of gorgeous blooms arrives on time. Visit Blooms By Doyles today to shop for flowers for any occasion. Order flower delivery in Lynchburg VA!

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